TandemModels® is delivered to investment managers and advisors in a single platform environment (SaaS) for asset allocation model design and management, trading, portfolio re-balancing, performance reporting, and custodial integration and reconciliation. More

Software as a Service

Invest n Retire, LLC (INR) delivers a total solution for lowering costs and delivering robust record keeping technology to defined contribution record keepers and investment managers of Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) through our Software as a Service (SaaS) model. More

A Total Solution


Robust Technology

In a competitive market environment, DC record keepers and investment managers face tremendous pressure to lower costs.


Unlike traditional licensed enterprise software, SaaS solutions eliminate large upfront and periodic fee spikes that can wreak havoc on corporate and IT budgets. Instead of deploying software on the client side, enhancements are implemented at the SaaS data center and made available to the entire user community.

Systems are configurable so each client has a custom experience, yet the code base is disparate and maintained for the benefit of all clients. These efficiencies drastically reduce the overall cost. More

Zero Cost


Investment managers are not charged a fee for use of our SaaS technology for designing and managing model portfolios for 401(k) participants and unified managed accounts. Contact us for details. More