Invest n Retire, LLC is a technology company located in Portland, Ore. We designed our technology (pat. US 8,060,428 and pat. US 8,639,604) for delivery as Software as a Service.

We provide record keepers of defined contribution (DC) plans an innovative record keeping and trading system; including, the technology necessary to trade exchange traded funds (ETFs).

ETF Trading . . .

ETFs trade like stocks throughout the day at market price and can only be purchased and sold in whole shares. These two hurdles prevent ETFs from trading like mutual funds.

Since old record keeping systems built in the ’80s were designed to trade mutual funds in dollar certain orders at net asset value (NAV) closing price, modern technology was required to trade ETFs in 401(k) plans.

We achieved our goal by building a system that trades whole ETF shares at market price intraday with buys allocated to participants in whole and fractional shares and residual cash allocated for dropped fractional shares.

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